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Disk Access in Python with libtsk (by HECF Blog)

If you have ever been looking for a way to access your computer disk without having to deal with user permissions and constrains the operating system enforces then this is the series to read. David Cowen is working on an excellent series called “Automating DFIR” (Digital Forensics Incident Response) on his blog “Hacking Exposed Computer

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About: Red Rock Solutions LLC

David A Dym I am the owner of Red Rock Solutions, LLC and I am a Texas Licensed Private Investigator. I am a Computer Forensics investigator with  G-C Partners, a top notch Computer Forensics company based in Dallas and licensed by the Texas board of Private Investigators. Publications I am a contributing author for

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New Forensic Image viewer under dev #dfir #infosec

There is a new forensic viewer in town called “Pancake Viewer”. It’s being developed by our good friend Forensicmatt known for the Triforce journal parser.  Pancake viewer is there to review forensic artifacts interactively in a simple interface, for free. Its familiar and based fully on opensource libraries. If your curious about the backend it’s

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Turn #PowerShell into #EXE

Putting together EXE’s has become common practice to simplify script deployments and satisfy dependencies on client systems no matter what the programming language be it perl, python or.NET code. Packing dependencies for the script into native code you don’t have to worry about pesky dependencies. Now there is a tool to turn PowerShell scripts from

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Computer Forensics and DFIR Resources Links and references Databases Posts on SQLite Documentation at Coding Python I have some posts on Python here on my blog. The python docs are very helpful and simple to understand A Byte of Python ebook